Someone said that perhaps to avoid some great sadness
the answer was sleep,
sleep until the waves cease to exist.
Sleep until so longs are no longer relevant-
I just can’t stand this
I can’t begin to open my eyes.
Its vivid, its almost erratic,
-I’ll keep sleeping my life away-


In my hands The Colossus
The stench of the bus wasn’t helping
powerful words and intense incomprehension
The name Hughes chiseled on the grave
Oh what we became?
Sylvia, should I fall?
Carbon Monoxide all over my thoughts.


New born kittens,
given away,
where are they?
I ask myself, every now and again
they were mine, they were pure
soft as angels, tiny as teardrops,
I saw them while they were arriving to this world,
Brought them into this world of pain… my desire all in vain,
I heard somewhere they are stray now,
I heard somewhere they are wondering around at night,
New born kittens, given away,
I owe an explanation, I own your pain.
Orphan child of my own,
Where are you now?
soft and brunette,
where are you now?
ginger and blind newborn.
Oh, I need to know,
Damn it, poor slob without a name…
I miss you so.


I am still that obsessive child,
barefoot dancing in the sand,
I am still that quiet child,
Locked inside a library all the time,
I am still that lonely child,
That her father had left behind,
I am still, I am still,
That kid is alive inside me,
burning ad nauseam,
Raising, breathing,
expectant to see a ray of light.


And all the letters I’ll never send,
And all the dust I’ll never clean,
And all the undeveloped rolls of film,
And all the friends that will die,
And all the records I’ll never have,
And all the you & and all the me,
that will never be written on a tree.


Boxes they cry when I leave;
When I vodka , when I pills
My myself and my plenty I.
Let myself go and create when I can
of thoes I belived didnt I?
of them I thought as cried
I recived this and I all the time.
All now and I,
Alone when one character miss his creator;
That I created… and myself too.
Written all over photos;
Old black and white them,
On and on; go inside..
I and the universe
I and the pills.
Just my epitaph I beg you remember;
and I beg you to feed my cats.
Anymore change of missing I cant.
I dreamt that on time, letters I madly wrote,
I written inside them I am,
Love made me scared..
And In my back people laugh;
Boxes they cry when I leave;
They are the only ones
Run across sunshine myself tells I,
My wrapped scared love.
Already still mix myself and I.


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