Editor Letter

Who needs new publications? Who is the audience? Why should anyone start yet another e-zine or magazine when there are plenty, when there are so much we don´t have enough time to read through even a quarter of them? May seem like odd questions to ask when starting with a brand new endeavour, but are they really? These are the questions, I have been trying to find answers for.

Am I a huge supporter and reader of literary magazines? Well, I try to, but there are honestly so many, a huge selection to choose from, for all kinds of tastes. It seems nowadays, that everyone wants to only write and write for fame and glory, but how many of us bother to actually read? In a world, where people don´t have time anymore because they work, it seems readers are a dying breed and us, writers are left alone in the field, where no one pays for the time sacrificed on our art. Our work is stolen, pirated. We give our work away for nothing. How many magazines can you name who pay for their writers? Not many, are there? So, is it even work that we do? So I decided, we writers/poets/artists and the mix of them, must stick together. In a world, where art is standing only on the fragile pillars of national endowments, we must support each other. Hungry artists, praising each other, that´s all we can do for now. Well, the most of us. With each other´s support and encouragement we grow.

I start to understand better now, why many of my works were rejected by publishers and editors and what is the secret key to a good work. There is no specific magic spell, nothing to point to. Well, of course, I like all readers appreciate a decent logical narrative, good grammar and punctuation and many other factors like that. But the main thing, that helps us decide is the feeling we get when we read something. We felt good reading these author´s work and we trust You will too.

Annika L.

Download the full magazine:

word file: Escapism-01

pdf file: Escapism 01


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