Poetry editor
Lila D: Writer and musician living in Montevideo, Uruguay. Has been
working as a teacher for two years. Her music has been published in sev-
eral labels from all over the world. Loves poets such as Sylvia Plath,
Frank O’Hara and Oliverio Girondo. Loves musicians such as Ian Cur- tis, Darnauchans and Greta Kline.

Prose editor
Annika L: English teacher, translator and writer from Tartu, Estonia. She
has been publishing her works and photography for several years (also
under various pseudoyms) in Reaktor, Degenerate Literature, Luna Lu-
na Magazine, Five 2 One, Quail Bell Magazine, Peacock Journal. Up-
coming in Zodiac Press Non-Binary Review and Welcome to Anxiety e-
zine. Loves writers such as Edgar Allan Poe, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
and Agatha Christie. Loves musicians such as Rozz Williams, Pete
Burns and Trevor Tanner.