You can send us your work via email We try to answer as much as we can but if it happens you haven´t received any answer during 3 months, remind us again.



We welcome work in the English language and translations which can be accompanied by the original text.

We accept various types of work:


We welcome fiction, whether it is flash fiction or a short story. Please don´t just send us anything longer than 7,500 words. To see what kind of stories we like, see what has been published previously.

Violence, profanities, sex scenes and anything erotic is fine, as long as it serves a purpose in the story. We try to be relatively open-minded.


Non-fiction is alright, whether it is a personal confession, essay, analytical essay, etc. Send us your thoughts! However keep in mind, we are not a political magazine, anything that resembles propaganda without reasoning and analysis will be left out.Political and religious works are fine, as long as they are not promoting illegal acts and hatred.


Send 1-5 poems in any style you like, on any theme you like! Please keep a reasonable length, we don´t read through entire plays.


Please don´t hesitate to send us your drawings, paintings, performances, photography etc.  Suggest us cover photos, participate! We can´t take video and audio material right now. Anything in .jpg format, send away!


Send us your work in the attachment, including your name and the title (ala The Cask of Amontillado_E.A.Poe). We don´t like chasing around your work amongst many others after we have downloaded the document. Please name your email subject in the following format: name_category (Milton_poetry submission) Send only .doc formats that we can open and edit, no PDF-s, Open Office or anything unconventional. Do not put your work in the body of the mail!!!

Please name your photos, don´t put the photo/artwork titles only in the body of the email. We can get very confused which title is meant for which photo.

We also ask you to send us your third-person bio ( that means, do not write I am/mine name is etc. We will have to rewrite your bio and it will annoy us) and a picture in the attachment.

Please add your full name that you like to represent yourself with to as many documents as possible to make life easier for us. Please turn to us with the name you want to use, we are not mind-readers and have no way of knowing whether the short or long version is preferred, especially if you don´t add a bio.

Please send 1-2 longer (over 1000 words) or 3 shorter pieces at one time, 1-5 poems, and up to 10 photos.


Here are some general ideas that many would take for granted but such errors happen from time to time anyway:

Please read submission guidelines and follow them.

Do not add any one-page bios, full of statements, previous jobs and lists of science awards, that have absolutely nothing to do with literature or art whatsoever or your personal life/ideas. This may seem impressive but won´t impress us enough to publish work based on your occupation or academical achievements. We do not care whether you own a masters or doctors degree, we care about your work.

If you send us your work and we reject it, please try to understand, and move on, even if we explain some of the reasons behind our decision. Please don´t argue, send us again the same story etc. After we reject your work, you can naturally keep sending your other works. Many a time the negative response is not a criticism of your skills as a writer but we simply have better stuff to work with atm.

Please do not bomb us with endless mail on facebook or any other channels, this is not going to persuade us or make us feel guilty, bored or scared of you enough to publish the work 🙂 This is rude and we don´t answer to such messages.


The author is responsible for the presented work and therefore by sending your work to us you guarantee that you are the author of the work and you are held responsible for plagiarism should it occur. The author keeps all rights to their work and can publish it later after the publication however they see fit. We would highly appreciate if you note, we published it first.

We cannot pay for your work at least not in money. We will try to provide you with feedback, review your work and answer to you with all honesty. To each accepted authors we will send a free copy of the issue, which will be also put up for reading online. We don´t charge any fees or require payment for reading our magazine. Everything we do is voluntary work and we do not earn any profits from your work. Please note, that we cannot always give the answer, due to lack of time, the huge amount of mail etc. If we like you, we probably answer fairly quickly, so expect a positive answer within a month. We understand very well that you want to hold all your iron in the fire, so we ask you to notify us at once when someone else has decided to publish your work before we do.